Hart Muirhead Fatta provides litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution services provided by our team of litigators, particularly as regards complex commercial and civil litigation, arbitrations and industrial relations matters. We are proud to have been of service to our clients in relation to these landmark decisions of the Jamaican Courts and Tribunals, from first instance hearings to the appellate levels (including the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council). We invite you to review the below cases which provide a “snapshot” of the depth and breadth of our litigation expertise.

1   International Hotels (Jamaica) LImited V. Proprietors Strata Plan No. 461 -[2013] JMCA Civ 45
2   Leslie Augustus Watts v. Lelieth Watts and Watts Investments Limited, [2013] JMSC
3   New Falmouth Resorts Limited (Appellant) v. International Hotels Jamaica Limited (Respondent), [2013] UKPC 11 Privy Council Appeal No 0031 of 2012
4   Vincent Gaynair (etal) (Claimants) v. Negril Beach Club Limited (etal) (Respondents), (Unreported – JMSC) (Claim No. 2011 HCV 03085)
5   Beverly Levy v. Ken Sales & Marketing Limited [2006] UKPC 87
6   Sans Souci Limited v. VRL Services Limited [2012] JMCC Comm 11
7   Sans Souci Limited v. VRL Services Limited [2012] UKPC 6
8   Determination by Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission – Case No. AD-01-2009
9   R A Murray Int'l Ltd v. Brian Goldson [2012] JMSC COMM. 17
10   Crown Corke De Guatemala S.A. v. Carlo Products, Carlys Dahlia Hughes (Executrix of the estate of David Henry Hughes, deceased) [2009] 7 JJC 3101
11   Leighton McKnight & Novelette McKnight v. Jamaica Mortgage Bank [2012] JMCA Civ 44
12   Williams v. Commissioner of Lands [2012] JMSC Civ. 118
13   Wray & Nephew Limited and National Workers Union – Industrial Disputes Tribunal – Dispute No:- IDT 28/2009